Monday, 30 September 2013

An introduction to Chris Woodrow

I joined Middlesex in July 2013 as a lecturer, and I will be teaching on PSY3018 Business Psychology and PSY4117 Applied Business Psychology. My academic background is in organizational and health psychology, and I am interested in applications of psychological theory to people at work, particularly where this relates to healthcare provision.

After a first degree in Psychology and an MSc in Health Psychology I took up a health services research post, joining a Cancer Research UK funded group at the University of Oxford. My focus was on informed decision making about whether to have screening for cancer, and I researched and wrote some of the information materials about screening that are sent to patients and doctors by the NHS.

Not being able to avoid the inevitable pull of London, I then moved to KCL to work in an NIHR funded research group looking at safety and quality in the NHS. My job was to examine ways in which workforce issues might affect patients, which involved looking at various human resources issues such as harassment amongst staff. I also did a part time PhD in organizational psychology at KCL, a mixed methods longitudinal study examining how joining a new organization can affect the well-being of hospital employees and their patients.

I am currently writing up various bits of research. I am finalising a paper looking at the ways in which managers and supervisors respond (or don’t!) to bullying and harassment at work. I also have an interesting piece ongoing about the “psychological contract”, which is basically the perceived / implicit (rather than formal written) employment contract held by employees.

I’d be delighted to hear from anyone who might like to collaborate on anything. I am broadly interested in applications of psychology to organizations and to healthcare (ideally but not necessarily at the same time) and I have experience with mixed methods and longitudinal research designs.

My contact details are: room TG65, extension 15009, email

Chris Woodrow

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