Friday, 27 November 2015

News about Laila Al-Ayoubi's blog-style article for the Richard Benjamin Trust

Laila Al-Ayoubi has just finished writing a blog-style article for the Richard Benjamin Trust about the INSIGHT (INdividual SIGnals mHealth Technology) research. They're putting a book together for the public about the trust and the research they've funded. The book is due out in a year or so. Here's some information from Laila: 

There are over a billion people using Smartphones worldwide and excitement is growing among Psychiatrists about new ways to reach patient groups. Identifying patterns or personal 'relapse signatures' in a patients thoughts, behaviour and circumstances - even biology, can lead to new insight and inform meaningful change. The ‘INSIGHT’research group at Middlesex University has run its first feasibility study with a smartphone app and and paired-biowearable set up designed to support people stuck in a cycle of self harm.

Funded by the The Richard Benjamin Trust.

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