Monday, 7 December 2015

Jackie Gray's talk to the US Airforce Sexual Assault Victim Advocates at RAF Lakenheath

The Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (Carolina Yepez) for the US Airforce organised a training day for their Sexual Assault Victim Advocates on 9th November. The Advocates are volunteers from all areas within the US Airforce based in the UK, such as engineers, medics & pilots. Over 30 delegates attended the event, and had come from other UK postings, as well as Lakenheath where the event was held. There were speakers from within the US Airforce, as well as three external academics, of whom Jackie Gray was one. Jackie spoke to the delegates about the UK law on rape, the difficulties surrounding the question of consent, and the role of rape myths (stereotyped attitudes to rape and sexual violence that commonly blame victims, excuse perpetrators and minimise the seriousness of rape). The delegates were an enthusiastic and well-engaged group, who seemed very keen to develop their knowledge, and to understand more about the Uk context.

In addition to the talks, the three visitors were given a guided tour of one of the squadron HQs, and also shown a fighter jet by one of the pilots - which was very interesting!

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