Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Early parenthood experiences of infertile couples after successful fertility treatment: SRIP award

Olga van den Akker and Helen Allan with colleagues at De Montfort (Lorraine Culley), Dundee (Andrew Symon) and Flinders University in Austraila (Sheryl de Lacey) have won a Society for Reproductive and Infant Psychology developmental grant award (http://www.srip.ac.uk/)  to run a workshop to develop a collaborative team to investigate the implications of IVF/ICSI conception and delivery of a baby for couples' lives in early parenthood. 

This topic is underexplored in the literature internationally. There is a potential health need identified in existing research but ignored by policy makers although acknowledged by service users in the UK. We will address this gap in research with our focus on transition to early parenthood for infertile couples, on fatherhood as well as motherhood and on our use of mixed methods as an interdisciplinary team which includes a strong service user perspective. This work has relevance both nationally and internationally.

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