Friday, 1 July 2016

'Psych Action' is celebrating being in action for one year! Psych Action is a series of knowledge exchange workshops hosted by the Psychology Department at Middlesex University. The series includes a range of psychological topics relevant for external professionals, practitioners and business audiences. We bring to these settings the latest academic evidence, focused on policy-relevant issues, tailored to the professional development needs of the organisation. The endeavour involves making links with the local community by sharing our expertise and our thinking, as underpinned by our research findings.

Over the past year Psych Action has run a range of workshops successfully for North London schools, on the following topics:

 ·        Attachment in children: identifying relationship need and exploring strategies 
·        Emotional well-being in children: evidenced-based strategies for dealing with challenging pupils 
·        Understanding literacy development in multilingual children: current practice and future directions 
·        Dyslexia and motor coordination in children: identifying risk in early years 
·        “Hertfordshire Steps”: How attachment theory and research can help local authority approaches in schools topics such as 

The series has also hosted workshops for other professions, including: 
        EEG training for the University of Bedfordshire 
        Introduction to Coaching Psychology 
        Clinical diagnosis & supervision for the Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS) 

Feedback from the current series of workshops has bene excellent, and we look forward to developing Psych Action in the next academic year.

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