Friday, 23 September 2016

Research Seminar: Dr Nicola Pitchford (University of Nottingham)

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Date: Thursday 6th October
Time: 16:00-17:00  
Room: Town Hall Committee Room 2  
Dr Nicola Pitchford (University of Nottingham) 

"Unlocking Talent Through Technology: Evidence base for effectiveness and successful implementation from Malawi, Tanzania and the UK"

Dr Nicola Pitchford is an Associate Professor in the School of Psychology at The University of Nottingham, UK. Her research expertise lies in the field of developmental neuropsychology, more specifically how the cognitive processes that underpin scholastic progression develop over childhood. She works with specialist populations of children with acquired neurological disorders. Her clinical research centres on discovering how stroke, preterm birth, and brain tumour impact on scholastic and neuronal development and wellbeing. Nicola works at the interface of theory and practice. She collaborates with academics from different disciplines (e.g. psychology, medicine, education) and works with practitioners and professionals from a diverse range of fields (e.g. neurologists, neonatologists, oncologists, nurses, educators, companies, charities, non-government organisations, and government officials) to ensure that her research secures maximum benefits for key users and stakeholders. Nicola is also Guest Editor for the internationally renowned, scientific, open access journal, Frontiers in Psychology.


In this talk I will describe the “Unlocking Talent Project”, which is based on a new and innovative technology intervention, developed by the UK charity onebillion, to raise numeracy and literacy standards in marginalised children around the globe. The project is being implemented by VSO, an international charity that aims to alleviate poverty in the world. Within their Global Education Programme, VSO have established a Community of Practice for the Unlocking Talent Project, which includes teachers, education policy makers, government officials, and international development funders.
My team of research psychologists are collaborating with colleagues from the School of Education at the University of Nottingham and the University of Malawi, VSO, and onebillion to evaluate the Unlocking Talent Project. We are leading an ambitious, international, research programme investigating the effectiveness of this new technology intervention in supporting early child development. Our current research is centred in Malawi, Tanzania and the UK and will soon extend to other countries, including South Africa and Brazil.
In this presentation I will 1) describe the Unlocking Talent Project, 2) present the research approach and current evidence base from Malawi, Tanzania and the UK, and 3) introduce a new method of using touch-screen technology to assess core cognitive and fine motor skills that are known to influence scholastic progression.
Further information about this project can be accessed at the following links: 

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