Monday, 14 November 2016

Wine reception at the House of Commons

Toni Bifulco and Richard Barry attended a wine reception at the House of Commons on 11th October to promote the 'Securing Change' initiative, an intervention with parents who have had multiple children removed by child protection services, with an aim to break this cycle of problem parenting. This innovative service has been developed by St Michael's Fellowship in which the CATS team and Middlesex are invited to have a research evaluation role. The reception was opened by Chuka Amunna  MP for Streatham (where the charity is based) who described his support for the venture and the importance of this work to the borough. Following a video shown of parents who had been helped by St Michaels, Sue Pettigrew (CEO) outlined the need for ‘Securing Change’ and the aims of the project. Toni Bifulco talked briefly about the existing partnership with St Michaels led by Richard and aided by Lisa Kagan and Sarah Edwards, around evidence-based assessment and evaluation and the commitment to help improve outcomes for the families.

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