Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A message of recommendation from Leoni Cachia

I completed an online 6 week course; An Introduction to Clinical Psychology, by the University of Liverpool. The course provides 5 credits if you choose to complete the assessment. The facilitator was Keith Morgan, and the course is held once a year.

The course was comprised of 6 main components, one covered each week, specifically related to clinical applied psychology and a therapeutic focus utilising CBT and formulation.

The experience was valuable for me as I am actively pursing a career in clinical psychology and it aids my continued professional development. I have been able to network online and virtually meet a diverse range of people from all over the world with an interest in mental health. It has also provided me the chance to build connections with other academics and professionals.

I would recommend the course to anyone that wishes to learn more about clinical psychology. Some previous knowledge is best but not a requirement. It is a flexible course and it is taught at FHEQ level 4.

I was lucky to have the course partially funded by the staff development fund, agreed by my line manager.

Find out more here: https://continuingeducation.liverpool.ac.uk/clinical-psychology-with-claire-dowling/ 

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