Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Research Seminar - Jonathan Sigger (Middlesex University) 19th April 2018, 4-5pm

*** Everyone Welcome! No need to book in advance*** 

Date: Thursday 19th April 

Time: 16:00 - 17:00

Room: Building 9, Room BG09B

Jonathan Sigger (Middlesex University)

At your convenience: hand washing and hand hygiene in shared amenitites


Effective hand hygiene is a prime defence against contaminated hands transmitting and spreading infections (1) via entryways of the body (e.g. eyes, nose and mouth); and (2) onto other people who can themselves, in the turn of a vicious circle, go onto contaminate common hand contact surfaces (in public toilets, hospitals, food preparation areas etc.)

This presentation gives a broad overview of hand hygiene including hit-and-miss health promotions; the fall, rise and fall in hand washing compliance in places such as hospitals and public toilets; and Psychology’s contributions to understanding this state-of-affairs.  


Jonathan Sigger is a Senior lecturer in Psychology at Middlesex University. His teaching and research background is in social psychology and lately his research interests have turned to the multidisciplinary area of hand hygiene and hand washing.

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