Thursday, 14 March 2013

New applied psychology journal

Applied Psychological Research is a free to publish, free to  access open access journal that promotes the application of psychology to any real-world issue. We invite contributions from both academics and practitioners. 

The journal supports a number of publication formats:
  • Literature review articles
  • Empirical research articles
  • Short reports – these might present preliminary findings or pilot study   findings;
  • Practice notes – summaries of an aspect of psychological theory with a view to providing clear direction for practitioners.
  • Impact notes - illustrate how aspects of psychological research or theory have directly influenced practice in a particular area
  • Response papers – these are to enable academic debate between authors
  • Policy reviews – provide a practice-oriented critical review of any particular aspect of public policy

Our ultimate aim is to break down the barriers between academia and practitioners and to develop a platform through which anyone with an interest in applied psychology can access relevant research.

Please send this on to any networks that you have. In addition, if you would like to contribute a paper and/or review for the journal please contact either myself or Simon Goodman ( with any questions.

Best wishes


Dr Erica Bowen, C.Psychol AFBPsS FHEA
Reader in the Psychology of Intimate Partner Violence
Forensic Psychologist
Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences
Coventry University

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