Tuesday, 12 March 2013

PsycTESTS trial: Find Psychological tests A LOT EASIER!

The University has a one month trial to PsycTESTS which is a database that allows you to search directly for psychological tests. Rather than going through databases searching for articles, THEN looking into the abstract or article to establish the methodology used, and THEN looking for the test itself and whether you can access it!!

It has quite a lot of the tests within the database for you to download and so will hopefully bolster the tests already available to you: through the exisiting library of tests in the Psychology  department.


This database is particularly useful for you if you are doing a dissertation and looking for tests to use and also for those of you doing research methods work. 
BUT for us to try and purchase the database for longer we need you to play around and use it as much as possible during the trial. So PLEASE utilise this during March.

As it’s not a permanent resource it doesn’t have it’s own link under databases in MyUnihub yet so:

Log into MyUnihub > My study > scroll down to 'My Library' > click on ‘P’ > Click ‘PsycInfo’ > once on the OVID screen you can then select ‘PsycTESTS’ from the list INSTEAD of ‘PsycInfo’.

Search as normal, basic or advanced, and when you get results click on Ovid Database PDFs on the right hand side of the record to download the full test. If you want to search only for tests which are available to you in the database please limit your search by ticking PsycTESTS PDF below the search box.

Please note DO NOT try and search PsycTESTS and PsycINFO at the same time – this is counterproductive!

If at any point you need help or support please email or phone the Psychology Librarian Viv:

Vivienne Eades
Phone: 0208 411 3643

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