Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Visiting speaker: Jörg Fachner

Title: Music, drugs and emotion - "... make me go to the rehab."?

Date: Tuesday 10 December 2013
Time: 4pm
Venue: Hatchcroft (HG09)

Reviewing the scarce literature on the interaction of drug use and music appreciation indicate a lack of research on this cultural practice and its relation to addiction and mood regulation strategies. For some, but not for all, drug use may result in disorderly conduct and addictive behaviour. Some rehabilitation centres do not allow music listening, as certain music experiences made under the influence may become a cue for drug craving. For rehabilitative means music therapy offers retraining of cued music experiences and state-depended recall of drug induced strong emotions in music. Researching intense emotions has lead to brain investigations stressing the comparable activation of reward processes during pleasurable music experiences and drug action.
Today, drug use and a referential sound design in genres of popular music are part of popular culture encoding the embodiment of outlaw identity templates for peer-groups in favour. Drugs and music as a neuro-chemical amalgamation of social bonding for adolescents, as known from indigenous cultures' initiation rites and rites of passage, may resemble in modern party culture. This presentation will discuss how internal emotion regulation is externally sought and calibrated during adolescent's risk seeking behaviour in strong emotions amplified by drug use and music appreciation.

Jörg Fachner (DMSc, MS Ed.) is Professor for Music, Health and the Brain at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge; he did research on music and consciousness states and music therapy treatment research on depression and stroke.

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