Monday, 23 December 2013

Visiting speakers: Heather Castillo & Helen Price

Title: Personality Disorder and Participatory Research Studies with Service Users

Date: Tuesday 14 Jan 2014 

Time: 3:15pm

Venue: C110

The presentation will outline two research studies carried out with people who have attracted a diagnosis of personality disorder and it will examine fifteen years of co-production with service users.  Research endeavours first set out to highlight the plight of people with a personality disorder diagnosis.  The second study has aimed to investigate the process of recovery for this client group who suffer significant social exclusion known to impact on demand for health and other public services.  It has aimed to examine efforts which attempt to reverse this social exclusion as an aspect of the recovery process. Findings offer contributions to knowledge in terms of the service design and how to effectively carry out research with service users as equal partners, and it proposes a new model of recovery in personality disorder.

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