Tuesday, 7 January 2014

ESRC seminar series: Work Life Balance in the Recession and Beyond

Professor Suzan Lewis and Dr Nicky Payne will host the first in a series of seven seminars at Middlesex University on January 17th 2014.

The series of seven seminars will examine the work-life balance challenges for employees, employers and policy-makers posed by economic recession and austerity measures. For example, do economic pressures overshadow social and individual concerns and if so, are policies and practices to support work-life balance threatened? Implications for gender equality, health and well-being, care and care-giving, employment relations and innovative workplace and policy initiatives will be considered in both the UK and in other national contexts. The seminars will also explore the impacts of economic recession and austerity on individuals, families, organizations and the wider community.

An underlying theme of the series is the question of how to meet a triple agenda of enhancing employee work-life balance, sustaining or enhancing organisational effectiveness, and contributing to social justice.

For further information about the seminar series please contact Professor Suzan Lewis or Dr Nicola Payne at worklifeseminars@mdx.ac.uk or visit the website www.esrc-work-life-seminars.org.uk

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